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10 Reasons why EC Outsourcing are one of the industry’s leading acquisition specialists…

By: Aimee Clifton May 3, 2017 no comments

10 Reasons why EC Outsourcing are one of the industry’s leading acquisition specialists…

1. We are grounded by our set of fundamental values which are embedded in the very core of what we do.

Loyalty – If EC doesn’t look after the customer, someone else will
Composure – Nothing is gained by winning an argument and losing a customer
Integrity – Always deliver on an EC promise. If in doubt, we will under-promise and over deliver
Respect – Always treat customers as we ourselves would like to be treated
Accountability – The reputation of the whole EC business is in the hands of each individual

2. Our Senior Management Team

We have a senior management team that have worked together for over 12 years.
We are exceptionally well integrated into the contact centre industry and form a solid foundation for business success.

3.Access to The UK’s Best Premium Data

We have access to the UK’s best opted in premium data, resulting in more quality sales and a more efficient execution of campaigns.

4. Sales Conversions

We have sales conversions that exceed any of our competitors running the same campaigns. Our sales staff are making thousands of sales for customers every month – we regularly exceed our clients’ targets.

5. Our Technology

We use some of the best technology the industry has to offer. Including Avaya, Cisco, WatchGuard, and OmniCyber Security, to name a few. This ensures the smooth running of campaigns while continually maintaining compliance.

6. Our Sales Team

We employ an unrivalled sales force that is dedicated to the company. Our staff continue to stay loyal to us due to generous incentives and unique working environment.

7. FCA Compliant

We are FCA compliant, providing a fair and consistent service to customers at all times. As well as this we are committed to responsible gambling and abide by the rules and regulations of the Gambling Commission and are GamCare accredited.

8. Our Commercial Approach

We practice a unique commercial approach in the way in which we collaborate with our partners and clients. This allows us to consequently drive greater innovation and deliver a new and more effective way of working together to help meet business objectives and outcomes. We are a privately-owned business which enables us to make quick decisions and keep turnaround times to a minimum.

9. Dedicated HR

We have a dedicated HR team at the core of our business, to ensure we’re sourcing the most talented and sales-oriented staff in our region. This ensures EC can consistently deliver on our promise of great service and quality sales.

10. Location

We are ideally located in a popular area of the North East. The northern accent has always been well-regarded in the call centre industry – proving popular among business and consumers alike.

If you’d like to find out how EC could provide a solution for you – be it to get new customers, re-sign old customers or upsell to existing customers – contact us today.