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4 Ways Outsourcing Can Increase Your Efficiency

By: Aimee Clifton October 10, 2017 no comments

4 Ways Outsourcing Can Increase Your Efficiency

Could outsourcing increase your efficiency?

With outsourcing on the rise in the UK, we take a look at 4 of the key ways outsourcing can increase your efficiency.

As the second largest employer in the UK, the outsourcing industry delivers a massive boost to the Treasury and the economy. From boosting sales to improving customer service to increasing productivity, outsourcing can have endless positive effects across all areas of your business.


Contrary to the many  perceptions that you hand all control over when you decide to outsource, if you choose the right company, you can actually have the freedom to be as involved as much or as little as you like.

At EC Outsourcing we work with clients to ensure they maintain the right level of control for them, while taking advantage of the following benefits:

1. Cost reduction

We have recently worked with one of our clients and completed a full cost analysis, compared in-house to outsourcing, and the results were amazing. Over the course of a year we saved them over 32%. When most companies complete a cost analysis they do not add in all the additional costs that an employee incurs as a contribution to overheads. Once we did this as a like for like, the savings were huge, almost a third cheaper than in-house, giving our client peace of mind that we were delivering excellent results.

2. Service improvement

Although this can be hard to quantify unless you do a true like for like on results, there is no doubt that many companies that conduct in-house telemarketing will confess that this is not their strong point, however they know they must reach their customers over the phone. As you would expect, we not only have the best staff (in our humble opinion) but we have also invested hundreds of thousands of pounds in state of the art equipment, that means we are more productive and effective than a standard set up. Along with this, we understand telemarketing and telesales training and development from our long and successful career in this industry. It’s our bread and butter and we’ve spent years honing our skills to ensure we are market leaders.

3. Access to new technologies

As mentioned earlier, most in-house centres will avoid big costs to set up a call centre and rightly so as this may be only 10% of their business and the investment does not require top level investment. However as a telemarketing business that makes in excess of 60,000 calls a day it is key that we have the best and most robust technology. We’re passionate about new and evolving technologies and have a strong IT team working to keep up to date with the latest technological trends and understanding how these should be implemented into our operations to ensure the smoothest possible running of clients’ campaigns. Technology is something we have heavily invested in at at EC, in order to give an unrivalled service and delivery every time.

As an industry, we are also seeing an increase in the number of companies who turn to outsourcing to secure access to new technologies, innovation and new ways of streamlining their processes – without the huge capital investment. That’s a real motivator in the quest for greater efficiency.

4. Flexibility

Flexibility is still the key within outsourcing. At EC we have many clients that are seasonal and also do specific campaigns that need to be completed in a set period. In-house can never compete with this and typically these work streams seem to get shelved as its ‘too much hassle’. Often you will pay a premium for more specific, shorter run campaigns, however, the ROI will still clearly show that there is benefit to outsourcing projects and campaigns.

Consequently, one of the biggest growth areas within the outsourcing sector is in business processes, which includes services such as payroll, accounts, HR and business analytics. Employing a specialist outsourcer for these functions can leave a business free to concentrate on its core activities.

The really big players in outsourcing are all focusing on this market as a huge growth area, as more and more businesses wake up to the efficiencies that outsourcing offers.