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Meet our new operations manager- Steve Wilson

By: Aimee Clifton September 24, 2019 no comments

Meet our new operations manager- Steve Wilson

We’re excited about the launch of our new call centre in Sheffield a few weeks ago, and having a brand-new site, we needed some brand-new talent to go along with it. Among the many brilliant employees we have at EC, is Steve Wilson, our operations manager. We’ve been picking his brains to find out what motivates him and what drove him to take on this new brand-new challenge.

1. Tell us a bit about your professional background. Where have you worked in the past?

My career really started moving forward in October 2012 when I joined an Outsourcing company called Bvocal, as a telesales agent on behalf of a leading energy company. After a year on the phones I decided to book a one-way flight to Australia. I became a fundraiser on the phones for a Sydney based company while partying and surfing at the weekends.

After a year in Australia I returned to the UK and re-joined Bvocal as a campaign manager for the same energy company. I had success developing and building a very successful team for the business, and I guess this is where my passion for people management really kicked in.

Following business growth, I became an operations manager for the first time in January 2017 at our Chesterfield office. The business went from strength to strength and I was very proud to be accountable for such a successful office and over 120 staff across five different departments. The business expanded taking on offices in Sheffield, Newcastle and Glasgow, to which the team and I were an integral part of.

Over the last 10 years, across energy campaigns, I have four years telesales experience, three years in campaign management experience and three years as an operations manager.

2. What unique skills do you bring to your new role at EC?

Besides the skills and attributes typically found in an ops manager, I think personality and respect are huge contenders in what sets me aside from others. I believe the ability to stay grounded and put yourself in the shoes of your delegates are vital ingredients to a happy, motivated and performing team. I’ve been there, seen it and done it. I have been in positions of all levels up to call centre manager and can understand and relate to the demand of the role along with the emotions that come with all these positions. I’m proud of the skills and experiences I have gained over my career in the outsourcing industry.

I always aim to win and like my teams and businesses to adopt this ‘can do’ and ‘will do’ attitude.

3. Tell us about your unique management style that brings out the best in your team.

I’m a firm believer of treating people how you wish to be treated. Praise and encouragement along with a tough love approach is what I find motivates my staff to perform to the best of their ability.

I have been in the same role as my team members at some point and like to think I have a great balance between manager and leader. One minute I’m challenging the standards and expectations and the next we are in a meeting teaching them how to forecast and structure a monthly plan. I like the agents and campaign managers I work with to become all-rounders and benefit from my experiences and opportunities.

4. What attracted you to the role at EC?

I love the challenges that outsourcing brings along with the chance to put my previous success to the test and be part of building another successful centre. I want to make future operations managers, as well as challenge the directors to give me the chance to learn and develop the business acumen side.

Joining an already reputable outsourcer, I knew I was making a great move. I hope I can continue to grow with the company and help shape the future of EC into an even more positive one.

5. What is your vision for the future of EC Outsourcing?

To be widely recognised as a business that looks after, coaches, motivates and challenges people to be the best they can. We then produce results our clients and staff can be proud of. I will be working closely with agents and managers to create the next campaign/operations manager and am excited to see what the future has in store.

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