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Case Study – BetBright

BetBright is an Irish online gambling operator who prides itself on a transparent, hassle-free betting experience. The company’s focus and largest market is Great Britain.

The Challenge

The partnership emerged after the company approached us with a need to reactivate 5000 dormant customers who hadn’t interacted with the brand for up to six months.

EC have not stopped providing outstanding results.

What EC Did

With a team of dedicated and results driven sales advisors, EC developed a solution by using promotional tactics convert the non depositing players in to valuable customers. EC worked with the client on the script and also the offering to the customers. EC Managed to convert just over 13% of the remaining file into a depositing customers.

The client also “seeded” the data they sent us with the Head of CRM’s phone number to see first hand what the customers experience would be like when EC call them. We had no prior knowledge of this but the feedback we got was excellent. We now encourage all of our clients to do this so they can understand what experience the customer gets when speaking to an EC agent.

What The Client Said

“Since starting my relationship with EC by inviting them to join a reactivation trial against two of the industries other leading contact centres they have not stopped providing outstanding results. With a results driven cost structure EC are not just competitive on price, but they also offer a truly industry leading service.”

Key Achievements
  • RND conversion rate of just over 13%
  • Become a trusted partner of Bet Bright
  • Given Bet Bright the option to use a secure outbound call centre
  • Proved 1st hand how good the EC sales agents are