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Case Study – Gaming Client

Our client is a UK based slots operator. Established since 2015, it has achieved steady growth over the last three years. The company’s focus and largest market is Great Britain.

The Challenge

Our client had a significant number of customers that registered but had not yet deposited. After trying to encourage these players to deposit by sending emails, text messages and mail drops, the company managed to convert just under 3% of the customers in to depositing players. EC were then contacted to try and help reactivate the rest of the customers that had not yet deposited.

EC’s strong sales team are able to connect extremely well with our audience base.

What EC Did

With an unrivalled wealth of experience in the gaming industry, we were able to provide an expert approach to the client’s challenge, to ensure a robust sales strategy that produced a high conversion rate.
Collaborating cutting edge technology and expert sales agents, EC were able to ebrand into consumers’ minds by attracting and emotionally engaging them in a personal journey. We recognise the need to provide a unique and compelling experience to not only encourage reactivation, but to maintain brand loyalty in the future.
Our flexible performance-based commercial structure means that we are not risk averse and ensure that clients are paying for results. Safe in the knowledge that we are working just as hard as they are to achieve their business goals.

What The Client Said

The company’s Commercial Director said: “Taking a traditional marketing approach to encourage these customers to deposit wasn’t a solid enough strategy to achieve the results we were looking for. We decided to bring EC on board after learning about its impressive portfolio of work in this challenging industry.

“Its strong sales team are able to connect extremely well with our audience base, making it the ideal choice for a campaign of this nature. We now have a loyal customer base who are fully engaged with our brand – something we would be unlikely to have without the EC partnership.”

Key Achievements
  • Reactivation rate of 12%
  • Achieved high ROI
  • Development of a strategic and compliant sales script to create impact and maximise results.
  • Working efficiently with the client to create a successful, executable sales strategy.