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Our Partners


In 2017 EC made the decision to look for a forward thinking call recording platform that was great for our quality team to use and more importantly made our clients’ jobs easier to monitor call recordings from outside our office. After extensive testing and research EC decided to partner with Dubber.

Dubber’s call recording service can capture communications from anywhere, any platform, any device. Available as a true native cloud product, Dubber’s call recording offers security, unlimited scalability, and rapid deployment.


Here at EC we understood that having the best technology is at the heart of a successful business, which is why we have made a huge investment into the Avaya platform. We know that the Avaya platform gives our clients peace of mind and not only that, it gives us minimum down time to ensure that we consistently maximise results.

OmniCyber Security

With the issue of cyber security/crime becoming more and more prevalent, EC decided to partner with a company that could ensure we are one step ahead and who could deliver excellent standards and security for our clients at all times.

OmniCyber Security are specialists in security and compliance. They consistently give us guidance on security and PCI to ensure EC are at the forefront of changes and developments within this space.

Cisco Meraki

Industry leaders Cisco Meraki provide our network infrastructure, switches, routers and WiFi.

Meraki switches provide the essentials for building high-performance networks that ensure we maintain a seamless network service.


Due to the rapid growth of the business in 2016 EC decided that it was best to have both an on site solution and a cloud based dialler solution. This gives our clients great peace of mind with disaster recovery, as if required we can switch quickly and ensure minimum downtime.

EC’s technical and dialler team tested and trialled four different providers and after robust testing Hostcomm delivered a cost effective solution that has been great for EC and our clients to date.


We work with award-winning industry leader 2Circles, who are experts in providing telephone and internet connectivity services.

You can be assured of a consistent and smooth-running campaign when there’s such innovative and cutting-edge technology at the core of everything we do.

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