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Why EC

Our Values

Like every successful business, we have a set of rules that form a solid foundation for every interaction with both new and existing customers. EC’s five fundamental rules are embedded in the very core of our business and represent who we are and what we continuously strive to maintain.


We are a flexible partner who can work with you to achieve your business goals. Whether it’s acquiring new customers, re-signing old customers or cross selling to existing customers – we’ve got it covered through a range of inbound and outbound services.

As well as this, we also provide first class customer service solutions to ensure an unrivalled experience for your customers at every contact.

Cutting-Edge Technology

When it comes to combining technology with excellence, we are an innovative choice, driving continuous improvement through the integration and optimisation of data and new software.

This allows us to evolve your product strategy and drive greater value from every contact.


We are committed to compliance at all times, adhering to OFGEM, OFCOM, ICO, PCI regulations and always striving to exceed industry standards. In-house state of the art technology and a team of 15 ensures these standards are met and upheld consistently.

When working with EC, you are guaranteed to be in dedicated and expert hands, to ensure your campaign runs efficiently and compliantly throughout.

Ready to work with us?

We believe that our solution will exceed expectations in terms of experience, brand awareness, quality, technological infrastructure, reporting transparency, people and value.