Phil Duggan

Mar 22, 2022


5 Benefits of Outsourcing CX for Online Retail Brands.

The high standards set by e-commerce giants like Amazon and the on-demand digital economy have led to create a new type of customer known as the NOW consumer. These customers are online most of the time and require rapid response. They prefer to stay engaged with retail stores and brands. Outsourcing CX is the best way to deal with such clients.

If you’re looking to maintain revenue and sales figures, providing the best customer experience and support is a vital part of that. It requires in-depth training and qualified staff, which may be harder to manage on a tight budget. An outsourced CX contact centre will be a good solution.

Benefits of using outsourced CX Contact Centre

Here are just a few benefits that retail brands should know about outsourcing CX.

1- Helps Reduce Costs.

Outsourcing your CX can help you cut back on various other in-house expenses and provide costs savings both in the short term and in the long run.
• An in-house customer experience team means you will have to pay salaries, contributions and other benefits for each employee.
• You will incur the cost of on-site technology and the management of it.
• Maintenance and repairing machinery can be expensive and take a toll on your ROI.
An outsourced CX contact centre will be more cost-effective because you will only be paying for the services and results you want.

2- Hire more professionals, when you need them.

Once your company starts to grow, you will, without question, require more advisors to satisfy the demands of your customers. In this situation, your company cannot plug the gap. By working with an outsourcing partner, you will always have the ability to request additional advisors at relatively short notice to cope with the demand.

3- Improve customer engagement and satisfaction.

Customers require instant response and engagement from retailers and brands. If you cannot resolve their issue quickly or provide them with the information they are looking for, chances are they will leave for a competitor. Outsourcing your CX is a reliable solution to this, it will keep your customers engaged with you and help meet their needs much quicker. While running a business, you may not have enough time to respond to your customers yourself or have the in-house resources to do it, so a dedicated CX team will relieve your stress and allow you to focus on building your business.

4- Maintain loyal customers.

One of the biggest benefits of using an outsourced CX contact centre is that the risk of losing customers will be reduced. Outsourcing partners have teams of highly skilled and experienced employees, many of which have years of experience in different areas of customer service. They know how to handle even the most complex customer queries. You can leave creating a great customer experience to them while you focus on growing your company and providing the best products and services.

5- Saves time on hiring and training staff.

Once you start outsourcing your CX, you will have experts at your disposal 24/7. It will not only help you save money, but also time. Hiring staff can be stressful and tiring, not to mention costly. The average company will spend an average of £3,000 in recruiting a new hire, factoring in resources, time to hire and staff training.
If any advisors were to leave their role, you will have to recruit a new employee and deal with the same problems and incur the same costs.

Outsourcing is the perfect solution to that, all the onboarding costs and staff training is down to the outsourcing partner, while you only pay for the interactions made with your customer.

Hiring the best outsourced CX contact centre available, that fully understands your business and your customers will have a massive impact on both your customers’ experience and also on your business’s bottom line.

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