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Mar 7, 2018


A sloppy dialler strategy will reflect massively on your sales targets, ultimately resulting in the failure of the key deliverables needed to achieve your campaign objectives.

When implementing your dialler strategy there are 5 key points you should be embedding from conception to execution, to ensure consistent and deliverable results.


  1. It’s all about the data


The quality of the data you use is either going to make or break your campaign. Regardless of the quality of your agents, you will never see the results you desire by feeding through bad quality data. To see the best ROI you should be sourcing high quality, opted in high performance leads from reputable sources.

Make sure you do your research on how providers have obtained their data and ensure lists are properly and regularly verified, HLR and TPS checked. This allows your agents to have more relevant conversations with customers who are actually interested in the product or service, therefore, maximising campaign productivity and justifying the spend.


  1. Allocate leads according to skillset


When investing in high quality data you want to ensure it is nurtured properly in order to successfully convert leads to sales. Allocating data depending on skill set is an effective way to ensure you’re making the most of your data investment.

This approach also motivates agents to excel and strive to be able to dial the top data records, subsequently boosting sales and maximising ROI of high-quality data, as well as acting as an incentive to increase agent motivation.


  1. Dial compliantly within OFCOM/ICO guidelines


While this might seem like an obvious point to make, paying proper attention to compliance can often be overlooked. With some pretty hefty fines in store for non-compliance, you really can’t afford to get this critical area wrong.

Ensure this process is stringently followed and executed, to ensure maximum control of data usage and penetration.


  1. Don’t churn your data


No one likes to be pestered by a call centre constantly ringing day in day out. Regardless of how receptive they may be to whatever you’re selling, if they see missed call after miss call you’re only going to disengage them.

Instead, consider your audience. Break the data down according to demographic and anticipate the best times to dial each segment in order to optimise connect and conversion rates. I.e. unemployed people would be more likely to be home during the day.

Not only is a churning approach unproductive for your campaign, it can also have a detrimental impact on your company’s character. Once you get a reputation for being a nuisance caller this can be hard to turn around.

EC recommend a sensible approach by resting data between attempts to maintain high contact rates throughout the 28-day lifespan of a lead.


  1. Don’t forget to keep a close eye on performance


If you’re onto a good thing, you want to be able to replicate this moving forward, therefore, you should ensure that all sources are closely monitored for quality and performance. At EC we use multiple data providers on all campaigns. This approach gives us the ability to be very reactive and make any necessary dial plan changes very quickly depending on conversion rates.

The collection of this data can also be analysed to modify your dialler strategy and identify areas for improvement.

Here at EC we are specialists in outbound sales campaigns. We help businesses grow their top line and ensure that we continually drive return on investment in line with business objectives. Find out more about how we could help your business achieve it’s targets, contact us today on 0191 5195297 or leave your details here and we’ll call you straight back.

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