Emily Brand

Dec 3, 2020


5 Ways Our Employee Assistance Programme Can Help You in Challenging Times.

We want to ensure you know we are here for you; our ECO family and will offer support whenever you may need it! These difficult times have impacted everyone and our Employee Assistance Programme(EAP) has many benefits that may provide help and advice through these uncertain times.

1. Well-being portal
The portal allows you to track and log different things including; your steps, sleeping patterns and even how much water you have drank to help towards a more positive lifestyle.

2. Expert advice and compassionate guidance 24/7
No matter what day or time our programme is available for you to access 24 hours a day. EAP has a team of experts who can provide guidance on whatever your situation may be.

3. Telephone counselling sessions
Another great benefit in the current climate is if you need counselling sessions these can all be conducted over the phone! Meaning the service is fully accessible all year round and is great if you aren’t too keen on face to face meetings.

4. Modules which support a variety of issues
Maybe you don’t need to speak to anyone but are wanting some advice on a certain topic then look no further than our programme. It has a library of modules that provide advice on anything from bereavement to medical information.

5. Confidentiality
We understand some people may struggle speaking of their problems inside of work. The great benefit of this programme is that whatever you discuss is completely confidential! Health Assured will always keep your privacy at the heart of what they do.

Keep an eye out for a text with all of the log in information you need to know!

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