Emily Brand

Mar 15, 2021


Endless Promotion Opportunities with Lisa Coiley.

In the Spotlight, this week is Lisa Coiley, our new Campaign Manager for OVO Energy. Lisa has been working for ECO for several years now and has always kept one eye on future progression.

For those that haven’t met you Lisa, tell us a bit about yourself.

I started as a customer service advisor back in 2017 with hardly any experience.

Within 6 months I was part of a small complaints team, managing customer complaints through the opening and closing process. After one year I became a senior advisor and as the team grew I progressed to the complaints manager.

One of the reasons I have stayed within the business so long is the progression routes and opportunities for promotion.

Lisa Coiley, Campaign Manager.

I have now been a Team Manager for the customer services department for two years and have recently been promoted to Campaign Manager.

You’ve experienced a few different roles since joining ECO, What’s been your favourite?

My favourite role is my current one as a campaign manager. This is a brand new venture for us and I am proud to be part of it! Once I found out about the promotion I was so happy to be given the opportunity.

What have you learned from working as a Campaign Manager?

Firstly, I have gained a lot of confidence.

I now have a lot more responsibility, and with this, the expectations have naturally grown higher. In fact, the expectations are higher than any I have been given previously! Ensuring I meet these and keep my team excelling has been challenging yet so rewarding. I am continuously learning new things and I have had lots of support from management. 

You mentioned that you started with the business 4 years ago, why have you stayed so long?

One of the reasons is the progression routes and opportunities for promotion. I started here with only 6 months of call centre experience, yet the training provided has helped me succeed. I was out of work on maternity leave for a year, so I never thought I would make it to be a team manager in such a short amount of time.

Secondly, is that it’s just such a great place to work. Managers and senior advisors encourage agents to reach their potential and help them progress.

What goals did you have when you first joined ECO?

My first goal was to be the senior advisor on the complaints team. There was only one position available and I was determined to get it. Once I achieved my first goal, I knew the next step was to become the team manager.

Now I have progressed to campaign manager my next goal is to keep striving and become a senior manager.

What advice would you give to someone who is looking for a promotion to Team Manager?

My advice is be prepared to take both positive and negative advice on board. You should build strong relationships with all of your team and always reassure them they can rely on you. I would also say to use colleagues for support. Never be frightened to approach those you work with for advice, as it can help you in the long run.

Chris Surtees, Operations Support Manager expressed how well Lisa has been performing in her recent promotion.

“Since the launch of the campaign, Lisa has continued to demonstrate her ability and drive to manage a team of agents and managers. Lisa has continuously delivered high-quality performance and results. Her attention to detail and strong analytical skills have enabled her to continuously maximise agent performance to deliver above expectations.

Lisa has demonstrated her solution-focused approach and is continuously positive, enthusiastic and has embedded a culture of openness and transparency across the campaign.”

Good luck in your new role Lisa, we are sure you will continue smashing it!

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