Emily Brand

Feb 11, 2021


Building A Winning Culture, The ECO Way.

Company culture is the heart of every business, what makes it unique and in many cases is the difference between two companies in the same industry. 

Gaining momentum throughout the world, culture is an old concept with a new meaning, which has made all companies consider their work ethics and behaviours. 

Breathe HR believes great company culture explores how a business and its employees share morals, expectations, and values. It is a tool used to identify how these attributes are applied to their roles and how they interact and respect one another. 

Phil Westoby, Managing Director shared how special ECO’s culture is and how important it has been to set the foundation of an ever-growing business. 

“I quite often ask myself why would someone choose to come and join us at ECO. Culture is the first thing that comes to mind and that is not a quick gain, it is something that is established over time.” 

There are members of the ECO management team that have worked with me for many years and together as ECO for 8 years, and that has been the foundation for ECO and its success.” 

The people of ECO are the biggest asset, they deliver the culture and hardworking and fun environment. The last 12 months has been a huge challenge for ECO, but with the help of social media platforms and cloud technology, our communication and working from home strategy has really delivered. Whilst we haven’t been able to hold our annual awards night, summer party and team managers evenings out, social media communication has kept the fun in the business and allowed us to host great staff competitions and quizzes.

“The Grass Was Never Greener On The Other Side”.

“In the last few months, I have seen some staff leave for so-called more attractive packages in other contact center environments. Many of these have now returned to the fold as they didn’t fit into the new working environment. Last week we had an energy brokerage approaching 20 of staff with bigger offers. (That’s a challenge, but I took it as a compliment!) 

Now I know we are on the right track with our culture to support our growth plans in 2021.

ECO thrives on having a great company culture which has been a vital part of the success and wellbeing of our staff. We spoke to a few of our employees about their experiences of leaving our business.

Kieran Nixon, a Sales Consultant had left the business and returned stating. 

“The grass was never greener on the other side. No other residential sales advisors make as much as I do here and I mean where else do you get a salary of £19,500 plus commission for just doing your job?”

We also caught up with Kelly Mack, a Customer Experience Specialist who said; 

“I left ECO as I had a few personal issues I had to deal with. ECO was very supportive of this and once I was able to go back to work I knew the place I wanted to go was ECO because of the staff, and the support from the business as a whole was amazing.

“They welcomed me back with open arms, I’m so grateful to be part of the ECO family! There are so many opportunities for growth within the business and on your own skillset. I really couldn’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Customer Service Specialists Shannon Elliot and Vicci McVeigh expressed how the ECO culture has made them feel welcomed and irreplaceable. 

“ECO has a fab atmosphere with lovely people, we feel like a family! There is so much support in work and personal situations. I left due to unforeseen circumstances but I’ve been trying to get back ever since. I was always telling people it was the best place I’ve worked due to the people you meet and become friends with, (especially the nights out-when we can finally have them again!) I have even referred my brother too.” – Shannon Elliot

“It’s sort of home from home, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. You never feel replaceable – always feel included.”– Vicci McVeigh

If you’re thinking about joining a team where you are more than just a number and can also take advantage of home working, speak to our team at info@ecoutsourcing.co.uk

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