Emily Brand

Aug 30, 2020


ECO Sheffield Turns 1 Year Old.

What a 12 months it has been since the opening of our second centre in the heart of Sheffield.

Since the opening day, we have overcome many challenges, including recruiting in a new city, a global pandemic and the various technical obstacles that come with the new way of working. Overcoming these challenges was made possible by the hard-working team we have in place.

We have also witnessed some remarkable examples of ingenuity, selflessness and team spirit throughout the first 12 months.

From our experience of building the business in Boldon, it has clearly taught us that having the right team in place provides the foundation for success. With our current team, we know that they will take our Sheffield centre to the next level over the coming months

Managing Director Phil Westoby explains why Sheffield was the right choice for centre number 2.

“It has always been part of our long term strategy to open up a second site, building upon the successful formula developed within our Boldon operation.

Much like our reasons in choosing Boldon for our first centre, Sheffield presented itself as a fantastic city, already a hotbed of diverse talent which we felt would perfectly complement our existing team.”

“The move was made easier by the enthusiasm and commitment of our existing clients who were eager to expand with us into this new location.”

Commercial Director Richard Knox on the effects of Covid19 in Sheffields first year.

“Like so many businesses across the city of Sheffield, Covid19 has ultimately been one of the biggest challenges that we have faced as a business. Few people saw this coming and it’s a true testament to our team in Sheffield for coming through this after only opening 7 months prior to Covid.”

“Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, Good companies survive them, Great companies are defined by them.” – Andy Grove – Intel.

“Our clients have been fantastic with us whilst we made the necessary changes to our business to facilitate working from home, members of our team have stepped up to the plate when needed and have created a great foundation for us to grow into year 2. ”  

A huge congratulations to all the team in Sheffield for a great first 12 months, here’s to another exciting and prosperous 12 months ahead!

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