Phil Duggan

Feb 1, 2021


ECO Targets Stellar Growth After Record-Breaking January Recruitment.

ECO are set to continue our ambitious growth plans into this year after recruiting 131 new staff in January.

We are one of a number of businesses to have seen an increase in new business throughout the covid-19 pandemic.

This latest recruitment campaign comes on the back of a string of new contracts which will see more staff recruited in both our Sunderland and Sheffield centres.

Phil Westoby, Managing Director of ECO commented: “Like many businesses in the UK, we had to innovate slightly during the original lockdown and move around 500 of our staff to working from their homes which has been a huge success, a real testament to the spirit and determination of our staff.”

He continued: “As a result, our clients have been eager to increase the number of customer service and sales agents across the business based on the results of the previous 12 months, and the successful roll out of home working.”

ECO hasve already recruited 131 new members of staff in the first weeks of the year, many from the struggling hospitality and retail sector, and we plan to add more in the coming months.

“Our recruitment team has been working non stop alongside our marketing team to utilise our social media to attract new talent to the business. We’ll be recruiting extensively across the next few months in order to help our clients reach their sales and customer service targets in quarter 1. ” 

For more information on the roles available and to apply please email rachel.ludkin@ecoutsourcing.co.uk 

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