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Mar 8, 2021


From Stop Gap to Career Launchpad with Louise Pearson.

At ECO, the progression routes are endless. With 100% of our management staff progressing from agents to management level with the relevant training provided.

Don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a plate, you need to work for what you want.’

Our biggest asset is our employees. That is why at ECO, we want to celebrate our staff and give them the recognition they deserve.

In the Spotlight this week is Louise Pearson, our new Team Manager for OVO in Sheffield. Louise has, in a short time, demonstrated a dedicated and constructive approach to her work.

Working alongside her teammates, she has proved anyone within our business can progress into senior roles and develop their skills.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve worked for the company since June 2020.
I started here as a stop-gap after graduating with a 2:1 in Law at Sheffield Hallam University. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do next; law, teaching, or something that I’d not even thought of.

I needed to pay my bills so needed a job to see me by until I’d figured out what comes next.

In September, whilst I was working from home, the team approached me about becoming a compliance officer. I jumped at the opportunity despite already being accepted for a job elsewhere paying a higher wage. I didn’t want to leave a place where I absolutely loved working with such great people.

What made you accept this job as compliance officer?

I wanted to accept the challenge of doing something I’d never done before.

Whilst in the role I realised that I really enjoyed coaching and helping people to improve their performance. This became my target rather than the usual ‘how many calls can I mark’ stance you might expect.

The enjoyment I got from this made me realise that I wanted to go into teaching, so planned on returning to university to complete a PGCE in September 2021. Next thing I know I’m sat in the briefing room being asked if I’d like to manage the new Customer Service campaign in Sheffield!

How did you feel when you were offered a senior position on a brand new campaign?

It was an offer I couldn’t refuse. It’s changed the plan of my life that I had in my head. University will always be there, this opportunity won’t. I’ve ended up with such a good team that I love! I can’t wait to continue, supporting and helping agents to develop, both professionally and personally. 

What strengths do you bring to the role?

Helping people is really important to me.

I think with dialling I can bring an element of relating to the agent and recognising different ways that I can help them to improve. I know how I would have liked to have been treated as an agent.

When I see something that can be improved in an individual’s performance, I thrive on constructively helping them in improving that one aspect. I have the patience to put in the work with individuals to ensure that everyone is getting the best out of them. 

I like to think I can see potential in people, for example, one of my agents (who I had worked with on a previous campaign) really struggled with selling.

From listening to his calls I could hear that his heart wasn’t in it and that this wasn’t the role for him. However, he had so much care for the customer that I could see customer service was the job for him. After taking him onto the OVO campaign he has exceeded any expectations anyone held.

How has your previous experience helped you succeed in your new role?

As a compliance officer, I had to give coaching to lots of agents. By giving coaching I’ve been able to see the results and recognise that not everyone learns in the same way. By tailoring the coaching to each agent I believe I’ll be able to bring out the best in them. 

Whilst at university I learned so many skills which will be applicable to this role. Mainly, believe that by being in the situation where I’m exposed to people from all different walks of life I understand how to treat people with respect. Also, having to inform clients of things they don’t necessarily want to hear. I’ll be able to deliver feedback in the most effective and beneficial way for both myself, the agent, the business, and the client. 


What advice would you give those who are considering progressing within ECO?

If you want to progress you need to graft. Work hard and reap the rewards. Don’t give someone an excuse to view you in a negative light. Always be honest about what’s achievable for yourself. Set yourself small goals to work towards. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a plate, work for what you want. 

James Palmer, Head of Customer Service Operations, added how Louise had showed an ambitious outlook to succeed within her new position.

“ Louise is very self-motivated and has hit the ground running in her new management role. She has shown a great understanding of the business ethos and demonstrated the ability to work independently as the sole manager in our Sheffield office. I wish her every success and look forward to what the future holds.”

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