Bulb is the UK's fastest growing energy supplier, providing 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon neutral gas to more than 1.6 million members across the UK. Their electricity is sourced from renewable generators from across the UK, including wind, solar and hydro sites.


Bulb wanted to grow their customer base and wished to the explore new avenues and potential customers through telesales. From the outset, Bulb advised their customers would be classified as members and specified in previous years they would only able to sign up to their services/products via comparison platforms.

With this new venture in mind, Bulb required a reliable and trusting partner to achieve the new goals set. ECO established a partnership with Bulb in 2019, after ECO were able to showcase their successful experience and proven track record in hitting and exceeded sales targets. Bulb required a partner who would ensure their customers were treat correctly whilst adhering to structured compliance.


ECO hit the ground running and were able to achieve well over 1 SPH from the get go. Using a team of experienced agents, the Bulb campaign has maintained a high SPH and go live rates without standing NPS scores.

As ECO continued to prove its capability, we were able to expand and house a team in both our Boldon and Sheffield centres in a short period of time. Not only were ECO able to expand the head count and destination of operation, we were able to build an Inbound sales team to provide Bulb with both an Inbound and Outbound experience all from one centre.

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ECO have become an integral part of our day to day business and we now use them in all aspects of our customer communications