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KI were looking for a sales partner with experience in customer acquisition to help with an EdTech research campaign in the United States and after the KI team conducted their own research, EC Outsourcing was chosen as that partner.

Kids Industries were looking to speak with decision-makers within schools who were responsible for digital solutions, on behalf of their technology client.

KI were on a tight deadline for their client so required a team that could hit the ground running to obtain the research quickly, efficiently, and within budget.

Consideration was needed to identify the best time to call, given the time zone differences on the east coast and in central American states, along with busy periods for those within the target audience.


Our internal operations and data teams collaborated to source and purchase high-quality data that would allow our team of acquisition advisors to speak KI’s target audience over the phone, delivering the proposition, thus allowing KI to follow up with the research survey once key contact information had been confirmed.

Our team altered their calling hours to suit those decision-makers, and overcame initial gatekeepers and objections, all within the time frame set by KI and their client, to successfully confirm the required number of participants for the research campaign on time and within budget.

Gary Pope Founder

The team were just great. We had a big ask and time was very tight.

What we do is not cookie-cutter so it was very important that the whole team understood very clearly where the nuance was.

It was all about getting the job done and that approach was really appreciated.

We instantly knew we could trust the team at EC Outsourcing and were proven quite right. There were two occasions on the project where they went the extra mile and used their initiative to get a result.

Very happy. Responsive, helpful, and proactive are all words you like to be able to say about partners but aren’t always able to. Not the case with EC Outsourcing. We would wholly recommend them. EC Outsourcing gets the job done.

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