ScottishPower is one of the largest UK energy companies, responsible for the supply of gas and electricity in the UK to over 5 million customers. They are at the forefront of building a sustainable energy future for everyone, through innovation and investment in renewable energy.


ScottishPower is a continuous client of ECO who initially approached ECO to deliver the multiple KPIs required to make the campaign successful. ScottishPower wanted a high-performance team of agents who could provide knowledgeable advice of their brand in a compliant way and be transparent and honest with their ever-growing customer base.

ScottishPower has a wide range of products so they sought a strong team of advisors who ticked all the boxes. ECO have delivered industry high results working in conjunction with the high performing data within the UK.


ECO specifically recruited a team of experts who had a minimum of 18 months experience and were capable of acquiring a complex taste of the brand to ensure a successful start.

We were able to build a team using internal staff who were top achievers and also considered different avenues, compared to the previous recruitment, including higher salary banding. We’ve met every expectation given and continue to work towards a brighter future.

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We believe that our solution will exceed expectations in terms of experience, brand awareness, quality, technological infrastructure, reporting transparency, people and value.

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ECO have become an integral part of our day to day business and we now use them in all aspects of our customer communications