Xeros Technology Group, the UK-headquartered technology business and innovator of a polymer bead cleaning laundry system. The Xeros solution replaces water with its reusable XOrb technology, which Will deliver up to 80% reduction in water use and material reductions in both energy and detergent, whilst delivering a superior cleaning result and extended linen life.


The challenge was to call Hotels, Schools, and Universities and book appointments with financial directors to look at potential savings on their laundry.

The key was understanding where these businesses were in the buying cycle and booking appointments within a 6-month window of opportunity.


The ECO solution was to deliver a solution of 3 high Calibre B2B agents that could deliver in excess of 30 appointments per week generating a minimum of 30% conversion to sale.

ECO has consistently now delivered over 40 appointments per week with a 47% conversion for the past 6 months.

Tony Kerr Sales Director

“ECO delivered a high-quality solution from the start. The financial benefits of outsourcing the model were immediately apparent.

Xeros did not have to wait for a 3 – 6 months time to competency as they began delivering BAU results within 4 weeks. Working with ECO is always refreshing with their transparency and direct approach to us a client. We were embraced as a partnership from day 1 and this has continued to this day.”

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We believe that our solution will exceed expectations in terms of experience, brand awareness, quality, technological infrastructure, reporting transparency, people and value.

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ECO have become an integral part of our day to day business and we now use them in all aspects of our customer communications