Emily Brand

Mar 17, 2021


Changing Lanes with Luke Westgate.

In the spotlight this week we have Luke Westgate, a recently promoted member of our sales campaign. Luke has utilised his skills from his previous employment and is now flourishing at ECO.

Luke has demonstrated that having a dedication for your work, along with the right attitude, can bring success and progress.

We caught up with Luke to find out a little bit about him and his story.

For those that have yet to meet you, tell us a little bit about yourself…

My name is Luke, I am aged 29 (30 this summer EEEEK). I was a wedding planner before Covid hit and recently found my feet in the world of sales, and here we are! 

If you had to name three of your strengths, what would they be?

I feel I am a very warm and approachable person, both in and outside of work. I joke around a lot but when it comes down to it I am loyal, genuine, and very focused.

I’ve danced around to Britney in the office but when it comes to sales, it’s time to knuckle down and get the work done!

What do you enjoy most about being a supervisor? 

Being very new to not only sales in general but also the supervisor role, I was very flattered to have received the promotion. To learn that new starters have been listening to my calls to learn from has been very humbling!

I’ve done a few group exercises with the academy and have thoroughly enjoyed getting stuck in. Sharing my knowledge and skills with them has proved to be successful. 

If you could give a new starter advice on becoming a successful advisor what would it be?

Positivity, motivation and most of all, if an opportunity is given to you then grab it with both hands and GO FOR IT! 

Have there been any challenges you have faced during your time at ECO? 

I’m usually a very social and interactive person. Starting this job in lockdown when I was unable to be around many people was quite difficult particularly when starting a new career. However, the team at ECO has been outstanding in adapting techniques to keep teams motivated and encourage learning. Absolutely amazing! 

How do keep your keep motivated and ensure you have a successful week?

I think we would be lying if we said we weren’t in sales for the dollar! When I see the numbers on the board it keeps me going.

Money motivates sales agents so keeping them up to date on their commission and how far they are off their next bracket will always keep them focused on what’s right in front of them.

What are your aims for the next 6 months?

As I am very new to sales, having only been in the business just over 6 months at the moment and already achieving supervisor, who knows what may happen in the next 6 months.

I intend to take every opportunity given to me and just ride that wave!

Leanne Johnston, Team Manager for ESB Energy stated;

‘Everything is positive about Luke, he is a dream to work with! His sales are outstanding! Not just sales wise, his attitude towards myself and the team is always full of positivity.

If anything is needed you can assure he is there for anyone. His personality can just brighten up anyone’s day.’

Keep up the brilliant work and those positive vibes Luke!

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