We move forward.
Equal, Together.


At EC Outsourcing we value the impact of our position as an employer in the UK, specifically in the North East and South Yorkshire.

We acknowledge that we can affect real change both to the lives of our EC colleagues and to the wider community.

That is why we have created our CSR Initiative; Equal Together.
We have a social responsibility as a business towards our clients, partners, colleagues and all stakeholders, and this initiative guides us in that mission.

Minimise the environmental impact of our corporate activities and work towards Net Zero.

We seek to minimise the environmental impact of our activities through initiative such as reducing our plastic usage.
We are committed to preventing pollution, minimising waste from our offices and workplaces and adopting good environmental management practices.


Enhance our fundraising and volunteering activities for third party good causes.

As part of our Equal Together initiative, we have outlined our community strategy in which people are at the heart. Employees regularly take part in volunteering projects and are encouraged to participate in local community projects, or projects of their own choosing, that carry particular importance for them.


Ensure that employees are supported in their mental and physical health and treated with dignity, respect and in accordance with basic human rights.

Our people’s mental health is of paramount importance to us, therefore we will ensure that all of our people have easy access to both internal and external mental health support in form of qualified professionals to guide them.

We also ensure that we offer equally high standards of adherence to health and safety requirements.

Inclusion & Diversity.

In this house, we’re all equal.

Both existing and future colleagues at EC Outsourcing will have equal opportunities and be treated well, fairly and equally. In order to be a good employer, we recognise that focussing on colleague wellbeing, development and engagement is vital.

We will work tirelessly to stamp out any form of discrimination throughout our business, more specifically in pay, treatment and opportunities.