Health and Safety Policy.

EC Outsourcing Health & Safety Policy

Statement of Intent

EC Outsourcing is committed to providing ‘So Far As Reasonably Practicable’ a working environment that is safe without risk to employees, contractors, visitors & others health.
This will be adhered to through effectively implementing this policy.
The employer & employees are all responsible for ensuring health & safety is managed thoroughly throughout the business.
Health & Safety is of paramount importance to EC Outsourcing.

EC Outsourcing will;

· Implement a HSG65 operating management system to continuously reduce risk.
· Comply with all relevant health & safety legislation & related ACOP’s. Ensure all management & employees the guidance to adhering to these legislations through appropriate instruction, information, training & supervison.
· Provide all employees the appropriate equipment & facilities to complete their duties safely.
· Actively listen & involve all employees & contractors within decision making processes relating to improving health & safety.
· Formally assess & mitigate health & safety risks & hazards in relation the workplace.
· Ensuring a positive health & safety culture is demonstrated continuously through leadership. Provide appropriate time & resource to address any health & safety hazards.
· Develop & implement training programmes to assist in improving health & safety whilst disseminating competent health & safety knowledge to all employees.
· Establish clear targets, monitoring, auditing & reporting processes to ascertain continuous improved health & safety performance
· Review & revise the policy every 12 months or when an unexpected incident occurs requiring a review. Whichever comes sooner.

Employees will;

· Are required to adhere to safe working practices, comply with training given, comply with health & safety policies & report any safety hazards or unsafe work practices.
· Have authorisation to stop a work activity if deemed unsafe or is an operational risk.

The Health & Safety Manager should be contacted for any questions in relation to this policy.

HS Manager Signature: Lewis Carvlin

MD Signature: Phillip Westoby
Date: 24/04/2023
Review Date: 24/04/2024