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Customer Experience.

A wealth of experience.

EC Outsourcing has been providing outsourced contact centre services to UK energy brands for the past decade.

The company has developed a wealth of expertise in the energy sector, helping clients to deliver exceptional customer experiences and improve their customer retention rates.

With a focus on delivering cost-effective, sustainable solutions that add value to clients’ businesses, EC Outsourcing has become a trusted partner to many leading energy brands. The company’s experienced team of professionals understand the unique challenges faced by energy companies, and are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet their clients’ specific needs.

We understand your customers.

EC Outsourcing understands the unique challenges of providing excellent customer experience in the utilities industry. Customers often judge energy brands on how well they communicate change, how quickly they resolve issues and they treat their customers.

That’s why we offer reliable solutions that provide faster access to answers, including 24/7 voice and non-voice capabilities. Our data-driven approach, coupled with our expertise in consumer analytics, ensures measurable results and increased customer satisfaction through fast, reliable communication and support. We know that effective, transparent communication is vital for a positive customer experience, and our telephone staff are always available to answer any questions your customers may have.