Case Study: loveholidays x EC Outsourcing

loveholidays are the UK’s fastest-growing travel agent and at the beginning of 2023 we partnered with them to handle their inbound holiday inquiries.

Background: loveholidays experienced a significant surge in demand for Short & Long-haul holidays following the pandemic. To efficiently handle the increased inbound booking inquiries, loveholidays sought a front-facing, agile, and adept solution.

After an extensive procurement process, they chose EC Outsourcing as their strategic partner.

Partnership Approach: Our teams collaborated closely with loveholidays to develop a comprehensive training program while identifying and profiling the ideal travel consultants to source. Leveraging our in-house recruitment team, we sourced and interviewed sales consultants with relevant travel experience, ensuring a perfect fit for the campaign.

Additionally, we integrated a core team of internal agents with industry experience, enhancing the campaign’s productivity from the outset.

Successful Execution: Drawing on our extensive experience in customer acquisition, the newly formed team demonstrated exceptional performance, often surpassing loveholidays’ in-house team. Our commitment to achieve, learn, and grow within a fast-paced, tech-first space was evident to our client as we over-achieved Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and consistently exceeded the client’s expectations.

Client Feedback: ” From Day 1 EC Outsourcing have been diligent, reactive and insightful in their solution; a new industry for them that they have taken to with enthusiasm; a desire to achieve, learn & grow. Devouring KPIs and outperforming our insourced agents on occasion; showing tenacity and drive to meet & exceed our expectations.

We look forward to growing, together, and continuing to learn from each other as the campaign shifts in client demands and dynamics.”

The collaboration between loveholidays and EC Outsourcing has proved to be a success story, resulting in exceptional customer service and significant performance improvements.

Our ability to adapt quickly to a new industry, combined with our enthusiasm and desire to achieve, has created a valuable partnership. As the campaign continues, both parties look forward to further growth, ongoing collaboration, and mutual learning.

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